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User Review

RME UCX kicks ass! - Reviews RME Audio Fireface UCX

I'm not an easy guy when it comes to buying gear! I like to take my time, nose about everywhere and ask everybody questions! I previously had a Firebox (my first soundcard)! I had just gotten my first monitors (KRK) and didn't have much money! I opted for a low-budget card (about $400). As time went by, my home studio grew! It was about time to move on to serious things! I had some spare money, so I made myself a treat! Watch out, the plane has left the gate! In terms of quality, it's like a dream come true! I can record in my room as if I were in Abbey Road! Everybody works with RME now! I see it everywhere!

Personally, I don't use ADAT (fiber optics) nor SPDIF! I only use the jacks!

It's not bad via USB, it works quite good! With the condition that you don't connect it to a USB hub, unless you connect it to the grid! Because it is self-powered by the computer, which is cool!

With Firewire it blows my mind, but modern computers use this format less and less!


I work with Reason Record! I have guitars (acoustic, electric, e-bass, cello), a Moog Slim Phatty, an MPC 2000XL! So I'm über-happy with the sound of the recordings! It goes up to 192,000Hz!

No updates or anything else needed every month!


The installation is not too complicated.

I still use windows xp on my desktop computer! The MIDI function doesn't work! Although I haven't updated it, because I'm afraid nothing will work then! But on my laptop Pc running windows 8 everything works correctly, I also tested it on a mac and it works fine!


+ The sound quality
+ USB and FireWire!
+ 192000Hz!
+ The preamps with input and output compressor! Yes, gone are the days when the films I download sound louder when there's action and softer when there's only dialog ^^)

- It lacks pots on the front panel!
- The software (it resets to default when you press F4, F5, etc. And they are the keys to change windows on Reason Record! So if you are working with headphones because you girlfriend is asleep, you'll have lots of fun!

It's expensive but its quality is really good.