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Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer

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One of the best equalizers on stage

By tune4media, 16/12/2018
I bought this pedal (pretty recently) and had a few gigs. I've got to say, at first it took me a while to get used to this pedal. But once I've got used to it - This pedal is a game changer. If you're a performing bass player and you want to control your sound + you need to adjust your tone to the environment and PA, That's a pretty good pedal that can handle the task.

Good product ... very

By Taigong, 16/12/2013
Pedal has 7 bands EQ with gain ...
Frequencies are fairly well adapted to obtain interesting settings.


Very easy to use


Pedal handy to compensate for an amp and get the desired sound. No deformation or breath output


Use for over a year ... very convenient! Do not replace a pre-amp but refines its settings no matter where one is

More improved

By iamqman, 19/07/2011
This is the next addition to the bass EQ pedals from Boss/Roland. The pedal can adjust your bass tone to the frequencies that your desire or want taken down or out. This was to replace the Boss GE-7B. For the most part the tone and style is unchanged. The frequencies have however take a better turn for the bass guitarist. The frequencies are now at 50Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz, 4.5kHz and 10kHz which means they're not spaced at octaves anymore. This gives the most critical frequencies of 400hz-500hz two separate sliders for more overall control of tone.



Controls: 7 Band Graphic Equalizer + level control
Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 16 mA (DC 9V)
Weight: 440 g (1 lb.)
Equalizer: 50 Hz, 120 Hz, 400 Hz, 500 Hz, 800 Hz, 4.5 kHz, 10 kHz
Level Control: +/-15 dB per band
Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


The most critical frequencies for the guitar are the 800hz where as the most important to the bass guitar are between 400hz and 500hz. This newer EQ pedal addition tackles that dilemma better than the previous Boss Ge-7B. You now have a much more usable EQ pedal design specifically for the bass guitar.

This pedal works well with any bass guitar or bass amp that needs some major or minor EQing adjustments. The pedal can be a bit noisy and that is because it is a booster pedal which adds distortion to the mix. So that can be tamed depending on how much or how little of the sliders that you use. The level will have the most effect of noise to your rig.


At new these pedal come in right at around $100, which isn't bad for a good EQ pedal for bass guitar. The pedal is a must for someone who may have an older bass amp or an amp that doesn't highlight the right frequencies that you would like. This is a cheap alternative to buying a whole new rig. I would recommend this pedal to any bass player who needs to fine tune his sound to where it fits best in his or her band mix.

Useful pedal, a little noisy.

By badgerific, 29/04/2011
This is an analog graphic equalizer stompbox from Boss. It's not rackable or able to be edited using a computer. It's features include:

-7 Bands between 50Hz and 10kHz

-Bands are 50Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz, 4.5KHz and 10KHz

-Overall level control to make up to unity gain or give a boost

-All bands and level boost and cut up to 15dB

-1/4" input and output jacks

-Powered by 9V battery or 9V Boss adaptor

-Buffered bypass


Simple to set up just plug your guitar in and the amp on the output and a battery inside and you're ready to roll. The sliders are very intuitive and easy to play with to change the sound. The range of frequencies on this pedal make it very useful for tone shaping possibilities. I found it very useful to produce a fuller sound with fuzz pedals as some of them tended to cut a bit of the bass frequencies so this eq could be used to boost them a bit.


I find this pedal doesn't color the tone to give it a distinct "Boss EQ sound" too much but does still allow lots of possibility for changing your sound to suit your needs.

The only problem I have with this pedal is that it can be quite noisy when boosting a few things but if you learn to use it by cutting what you don't want and then just boosting the overall level then it can be pretty quiet.

The buffered bypass on this pedal isn't great but as I used this pedal turned on most of the time I never really had a problem with that.


Overall I think this pedal is pretty decent for the price but it was a little too noisy for me to keep in my rig. The main reason I used this pedal was because I preferred the graphic equalizer rather than the parametric one on my ashdown amplifier. After spending more time with my amp I've worked out to do all the things I used to without the pedal so it was useless me keeping it.

If I had certain dirt pedals that I wanted to use regularly then I would probably keep this and use it in a loop with the dirt pedal as I think it's a great use for this pedal.
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  • Manufacturer:Boss
  • Model:GEB-7 Bass Equalizer
  • Category:Bass Eqs/Enhancers
  • Added in our database on: 06/23/2004

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