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Ibanez RG 2570MZ VBE Guitar Review

Pure Prestige The large Ibanez RG family starts to be å regular among AudioFanzine's editorial staff. We first received the RG2610 with its single pickup, then the RG420EG-SBK "spider axe." Today, it's the turn of a "prestige" RG called RG 2570MZ VBE. What sets it apart from the 21 guitars which form Ibanez's catalog? read more…

Ibanez RG420EG-SBK: The Test

Spider Axe It’s already been 25 years. You wouldn’t think so, but the RG model from our Japanese friends, Ibanez, first appeared a quarter of a century ago, and has since made its way into the Metal and shredder guitar hall of fame. read more…

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Wonderful sound, fits like a glove, lightweight, great looking (S621QM)

By papaki72, 11/02/2019
It is a wonderful guitar! It's quantum pickups might sound just a bit dull, but that's what makes it flexible, easy to adapt to almost any kind of music you like.
The neck fits nicely especially to relatively smallish hands and makes fast fretting a worthy experience.

It is a very underrated guitar. The only thing that might change on it after a few years, would be the humbuckers with something spicier. Although another guitar is what comes to my mind first as I like having my guitars just how they sounded when I bought them.

Surprised by the high quality of the Indonesian build. (MBM2)

By R0Z, 06/04/2019
I bought this guitar based solely on its specs. I had never heard of these models until a few weeks ago and am not familiar with the artist who designed them. But he did a great job imo.

For my needs this guitar proved to be almost perfect, from the custom profile neck, to the placement of the controls, to the EMGs and featherweight 6.75 lbs.

The neck has the same width as a Gibson 60s neck, but is much more shallow with a flatter (15.75") radius. There is ample room between the E strings and the side of the fb, but it feels like there is a lot of real estate between the strings as well. I guess that is because of the shallow neck. Really comfortable to play.

The control is placed with convenient access, but they left a comfortable distance to allow palm muting. I prefer having the pickup selector switch under the control pot as well. Something I would have never thought of.

The control pot has a feature I really like. When you roll off the volume to clean up the sound there is a resistance point that lets you know you hit the sweet spot. If you want the volume all the way off you use more pressure when you turn the control.

The EMG pickup set 81-B and 60-N offer a nice match and enough balls for my taste as a Hard Rock guy.

My neck and back are tired from playing Les Pauls and this guitar is lighter than most SGs.

The frets are pleked so no issues there, but they do need to be dressed and polished as they are a little sharp along the side.

I have two LPs, two SGs a Strat an AH-10 and AH-20 an Axis and several others to choose from, but the MBM2 is the one I am using as my main guitar guitar now. That is basically why I signed up to do the review.

I use a DAW with ProTools and Amplitube.

News Guitars Ibanez

[NAMM] Ibanez presents Talman Prestige models

Published on 01/25/16
Ibanez has recently reintroduced the Talman series, which now includes some Prestige models like the TM1730 and TM1730M.

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